16 Organizational Hacks to Make Your Closet Neat And Fresh


Don’t you just love it when it’s time for seasonal cleaning and you are all organized and calm because you have everything at its place? Yeah, me neither. There are probably tons of stuff that you don’t need and you need to throw away, like unpaired socks, anyone? You’ve probably spent days and nights watching DIY videos on how to reorganize your closet, but, in the end, you decided to go out and needed to wear something extraordinary. Then, all of your clothes fell on the floor.

The next day, you didn’t even have the strength to get out of bed, let alone organizing the closet. Life is a circle, but if you don’t close the circle and start anew, your closet will always remain a messy world. How about starting a new life and making some changes? Start reorganizing your closet, and your life will have a different perspective immediately.

1. S hooks are perfect for hanging jeans.


2. An old wine rack can become the perfect clutch holder.


3. Curtain rods on the inside of closet doors are great for keeping scarves and gloves in winter.


4. A soda can tab slipped over a hanger’s hook can double closet space. Your dream just came true!


Just pull the tab off of a beverage can and place it over one of your hangers. Then, hang a second hanger from the tab, and there you go! You’ve just created more room!


5. Magazine holders can perfectly hold flip-flops.


6. A sweater won’t fall off a hanger or get weird hanger bumps if you fold it over in this way.


First, take your sweater and fold it in half lengthwise. Then, place the hook of the hanger near the the armpit of your sweater. So easy, right?


Next, fold the sleeves and the bottom half over the hanger.



7. Use a tiered metal rack for accessories.


Wire shelf organizers also work well in closets.


8. You can also use S hooks for hanging purses and umbrellas.


9. A clothes hanger can indeed be used for your scarves, in a neat way.


10. Pool noodles cut in half can restore the shape of your tall boots.



11. Use different colored hangers to organize seasonal clothing.


12. Tension rods can be used as shoe racks.


13. Cloth napkins with a hole cut in the middle for hangers will protect clothing from dust.


14. Wine boxes can hold tennis shoes and flip flops easily.


15. Put hot glue on a hanger to prevent clothes from slipping off.


If you don’t prefer hot glue, ripe cleaners and rubber bands wrapped around a hanger’s edges  can also do the work!


16. Pant hangers can help floppy boots stay upright.