Man’s Strange Solution to Save Ducklings Leads To Emotional Ending


The only thing that could ruin this would be the imminent fear and panic these ducklings might face if they got trapped and separated from their mother.

Well, that is exactly what happened. This merry little flock of ducklings were swimming happily until they realised they couldn’t get out of the water. This is something that isn’t usually an issue in a pond or lake. But the baby ducks were trapped in a swimming pool and couldn’t get back over the edge.

The little babies were pushed into the pool by a strong gust of wind. Therefore, there wasn’t any kind of ramp for them to escape. Worried for her ducklings’ lives, mother duck can be seen wandering the pool edge looking for a solution.

The ducklings, noticeably panicked, darted around the pool too quick for anyone to try and grab them to hoist the babies out.

Thankfully, one holiday-maker spotted the crisis and hatched a plan. The man knew he had to try and help these adorable little creatures.

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