What Can Cheap Implants Do To Your Body?


Beauty never comes in cheap. Makeup and beauty enhancements often come with a heavy pricetag—and that is expected. That is why when offered with discounts and cheap prices, many people often get tempted and fall for it, even if it isn’t that effective. However, these transgenders’ fall for something cheap cost them their beautiful faces.

This trio of friends from Agusan Del Sur in the Philippines hoped to enhance and improve their looks through implants. But when they checked, getting them from licensed doctors isn’t exactly cheap. Dermal fillers cost around P20,000 to P50,000, and they realized it was something out of their reach. So when someone offered them incredibly cheap cheek implants, they were more than happy to go for it. The person offered them a cheap P500 cheap cheek enhancement injection.

Alvina, Nina, and Maui soon fell into the trap of a scam artist. Alvina was the first to undergo the procedure, which was done at the person’s house. Happy with the results, she shared her experience with her friends, who want to have the implants as well. It was later that they found out that the ‘implants’ were actually melted petroleum jelly.

Six months after the procedure, their faces started to get extremely distorted. They looked for the person responsible for the implants—but was already nowhere to be found. When they asked a real doctor if their faces are still salvageable, they were told that they had to shell out at least $2000 each. It was an amount they could never afford.

Thankfully, a stranger who learned about their ordeal decided to help them by pioneering a fundraising campaign. People across the nation donated in cash and in kind to help the girls. Dr. Oro Quinones, a cosmetic surgeon, performed the reconstructive surgery on the girls, but the results are yet to be disclosed.